Portable Single Gas Detector




ToxiPro Single
Gas Detector

Toxi Ltd Single
Gas Detector

ExChek Gas Detector to monitor combustible gas

Toxi Vision
Singel Gas


GTCO2 Gas Detector for CO2, CO, H2S and Hydrocarbon

Portable Single Gas Detector




Innova Multi Gas Detector (available in 5 models)

 MultiPro Multi Gas Detector can read up to 4 detection

PHD6 Multi Gas Detector
(can read up to 6 detection)

Cannonball3 Multi Gas Detector to detect  O2 deficiency, toxic, gas, and flammable gases


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Portable Combustion Gas Analyzer




IMR 1000 Portable Flue Gas Analyzer - O2, CO and NO

IMR 400 Gas Analyzer
with 2-6  
Sensors: O2, CO, NO, HC,H2S, CO2

IMR 2800 IR/P Gas Analyzer with 4-6. Sensors: O2, CO, NO2, HC,H2S, CO2. Flue Gas and Ambient Temperature

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Continous Flue-Gas Monitoring System





IMR 500  Portable Flue
Gas Dryer

IMR 5000 Gas Analyzer 1-8 Sensors - O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2,SO2, H2S, HC

IMR 6000 Gas Analyzer with excess Air/ Oxygen, controller for O2 and Temperature

Measuring Instrument



DT150/DT200 Digital Thermometer

CD100 Combustible Gas Leak Detector

DAFM2 Thermo Anemometer

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