Product Ranges


Hydrogen Purifiers

Purifies commercial or cylinder hydrogen to 99.999995%. REB Research makes hydrogen purifiers and hydrogen purification modules that operate at 100 to 500 C, and 0 to 200 psi. Our Mr. Hydrogen hydrogen purifier is a complete, easy to use unit that delivers ppb quality hydrogen gas for use in gas chromatographs and electronic manufacture. In these applications it saves approximately $400/cylinder compared to UHP-Zero grade hydrogen. We also sell the purifier modules alone, for OEM and specialized uses like isotope separations, and mobile hydrogen generation, e.g. by methanol-water reforming. Our purifiers and membranes resist fouling from water, methane, ethane, CO, CO2, and ppm levels of H2S. Because our membranes can operate at lower temperatures than traditional palladium-silver, they can pass fewer impurities: 1 to 40 ppb verses about 1 ppm for palladium silver.


Membrane Reactors

Exceeds the limits of closed-system, equilibrium reactor thermodynamics in terms of extent of reaction and recovery at a given reactor temperauture and pressure. Generate ultrapure hyrdogen from methanol, ammonia, or hydrocarbons at a greater extent than normally possible. Make benzene from methane. Membrane reactors combine a high-pressure reactor with a membrane extraction of a reaction product to lower pressure. Because of this, the reaction equilibrium is shfted forward allowing the user to generate ultrapure hydrogen at near-total conversions from methanol, hydrocarbons, or ammonia, even at high reactor pressures. Such reactors are much more efficient and compact than any alternative of sequential reactors and separators.


Me100 Methanol Reformer/Hydrogen Generators

Generate hydrogen without electrolysis. The only generator that makes Ultra-Pure H2 from methanol - water rerforming. A complete methanol-water refomer/ hydrogen generation solution. Output pure hydrogen to feed a fuel cell, or for brazing and other applications. The REB (Me100) Hydrogen Generator, the first of its kind, provides a unique source of H2 for fuel cell tests, gas chromatography and other laboratory uses. At 17" X 13" X 13" and 15 lbs., It's the size of a microwave oven and fits comfortably in a rack. Make 99.99995% pure hydrogen from a 1:1 mix of methanol and water. Up to 1.2 slpm H2 ouput, enough to generate 100 W in a standard PEM FC. Adjust the H2 pressure and flow rate by varying the methanol-water input. Hydrogen delivery to 40 psi, follows load. Waste gas delivered separately


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