ABOUT MMS

          MMS Membrane Systems AG is a growth company providing core capabilities, based on membrane technology

          that enable the dairy, ood, plant, extract, biopharmaceutical, and chemical industry to set up new industrial

          processes and products.


Milk and whey concentration and fractionation are standard processes for MMS. Contact our dairy experts to support you with your applications.
Food & Beverages

The food and beverage industry faces continuously pressure to produce, invent and re-invent new products. Membrane technology can be a key vehicle for innovation.

Are you producing colour compounds or flavors? Membrane technology can enrich your target molecule.

MMS bio-pharmaceutical membrane systems are fully documented and constructed according to GMP.

Membrane technology is relatively new to the chemical industry, however can potentially add significant improvements to your current process.
Industrial Water

Reduction of water usage or a re-use of water is a financially and ecologically attractive proposition. A membrane process can purify water and in many cases re-win a by product.


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