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Automatic 32-Sample XRF Scanning System for High Throughput Composition Analysis of New Materials - EQ-XRF-32-LD

Roll to Roll PE-CVD System for Continuous Graphene or 2D Film Growth - OTF-1200X-II-PE-RR

Rotation Powder ALD 4" Tube Furnace System Upto 1200oC - ALD-1200X-

Two Channel Battery Volume Expansion Test System with Laptop& Software - BST-UBA5-VE

Roll to Roll Electrospinning System with Syringe Pump and Heating Bed - MSK-ESC-R2R

Ultrasonic Spin-Spray Coater (300-3000 rpm, 12" Wafer Max) - VTC-300USS

Double Side R2R Coating System with Max. 250mm Width For Battery Electrodes - MSK-AFA-DS300

8T Rotary Electric Oil-free Press with 16-position for High Throughput Pellet Sample Preparation - YLJ-10RM-S16

1650C High Temperature Hydrogen Atmosphere Box Furnace, (8x8x8", 8L) - KSL-1700X-H2

Compact Powder PVD Coater with DC Magnetron Sputtering & Vibration Stage - VTC-16-PW

1500C Atmosphere Controlled Quenching Furnace with 82 mm OD Mullite Tube - OTF-1500X-80-VTQ

Vacuum Rapid Heated Pressing Furnace upto 1600C & 50 Mpa with 0.5" Graphite Die - OTF-1700X-RHP4

Powder PE-CVD System with 5 Tube, 4 Channel MFC and Automatic Powder Feeding & Receiving (3 Heating Zones & 1200C Max.) - OTF-1200X-III-R5-PECVD

       Equipment by Application

High Throughput Reseach for MGI
Smart Equipment for Material Sample Preparation

Lithium Ion Battery Lab Scale to Pilot Plant

Thin Film Research Equipment

Beyond Li-ion Batteries
Metal Air & Solid Battery, Flow Cell

       Material Analysis

Battery / Capacitor Analyzers

Desk-Top X-Ray Instruments

Digital Microscopes

Thermogravimetric Analysis


The SFM-2 Chemical Mixing Solutions
Powder Mixing/ Grinding
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YLJ-100T Simple Pressing Solutions Pressing machine & Dies
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Heating and Sintering
Tube, Muffle & Crucible
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SYJ - 150 Simple Cutting  Solutions. Hand, Trim, Band, Wire.
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Unipol 801 Sample Lapping/Grinding/ Polishing,
3", 8", 15"
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Substrate Dicing Solutions
Dicing wafer up to 4"
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DX-100 Desktop X-Ray Machine for Orientating
Single Crytal
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SKCH-1  Precision
Thickness Checker with
0.001 mm Dial Indicator
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HWTL-01 Desktop Dip Coater with Temperature

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SKJ-50CZ Crystal Grower
system Vacuum Chamber

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TL0-01 Desktop Dip
with variable
speed 0.3-230 mm/
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VTF-1600X Vertical Crucible Furna ce 13"D x 10" H up to 1600 C with 50 segmentsPrecision Controller.
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 PF-2-1-2,  2" Polishing Fixture for precision/Automatic
Thinning & Polishing

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SXJ-2 Precision Endless
Wire Saw with 2" Travel and Two angle Adjustable sample stage.
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Unipo-300 Semi Auto Mini3"Grinder/Polisher
for single preparation

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EC-400 Precision CNC
Dicing/Cutting Saw with
Accessories & Software

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Unipol 802 (8")
Auto Lapping Machine with Two work station
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Unipol 1000 (10") Precision Auto Lapping Machine for Metallurgraphy.
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CD-3800 Compact
Ultrasonic Cleaner (600 ml)
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SH80-2L Heated Ultrasonic with Digital Timer 2000 ml

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3" High Quality Natrue
Agate Mortar & Pastle

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Products Range

  • Crystals Substrates: A-Z
  • Ceramic Substrates
  • Metalic Substrates
  • Cutting / Dicing Saws
  • Polishing Machines
  • Diamond Balde/ Wire/ Disc
  • Consumables / Accessories
  • Wafer/ Substrate Containers
  • Tube Furnaces
  • Muffle Furnaces
  • Crucible Furnaces
  • Furnace Accessories
  • Lab Ovens & Hot Plates
  • Glove Boxes
  • Lab Pressing Machine
  • DI Water / Ultrasonics
  • Laboratory Mill /Mixer
  • Spin/ Dip Coaters
  • UV Equipment & Adhesives
  • Battery Analyzers
  • Digital Microscopes
  • Mini X-Ray Diffractmeter
  • HTS components
  • Digital Lab Balances


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